My very first blog post

I admit, I am not a reader of blogs nor a writer of them.  What do people want to hear and see? Fuck if I know.

But today, I'm gonna make an effort to be a fully rounded business.  So here you go. 

I self-published my first book, a compendium of techniques for art batt carding. It's available in my shop as PDF and physical copy if you want to purchase it.

I also got rejected from Kickstarter to fund raise my new book "dyeing for knitters and spinners." So off to GoFundMe I went, and we're 34% funded in 3 days. Pretty incredible. With that money, I've purchased the full line of Aljo, Greener Shades and Ashford dyes. I'll be making dye cards out of them to go in the back of the book (I've already made the dharma and jacquard ones). I also ordered 500 mini skeins for the dye tests. 

Next up is finding a way to get a camera and light balance/edit everything to a better standard than with my cell phone. I know nothing about cameras and am pretty tech illiterate when it comes to editing software. I hope, in a year, to look back on this blog post and see how far I've come. Future self, I commend you.

Love, Nic Frost